Office Vinyl Rolls floor

Digitally printed vinyl rolls

Conventional printing techniques can only make so many different floor designs. However, our highly advanced digital printing process helps create endless possibilities in this area, resulting in true-to-nature floors with no visible repeat.

Discover our revolutionary new approaches to design. You can either choose from our standard collections, Skyline and Olympus, or our Moonlight collection, which bundles designs of weathered woods, marble or delicate elements. Or, you can opt for the World of Wonders concept where our design team will develop tailor-made designs just for you.

Do you find it difficult to imagine what these beautiful designs will look like in a room setting? Go to our room planner and discover what a digitally printed vinyl floor can do.

And have a look at our video.

Our exclusive digital journey

Our Digital Collections


Imagine a floor becoming the Medium of Expression that you dreamt of as a child...

Imagine a manufacturer offering you the freedom to invent your own designs by combining the latest digital printing technology with a 3D-effect, creating truly exceptional flooring...

Now you don’t have to imagine, thanks to Beauflor®'s creation, Moonlight, a collection of breathtaking designs.

For this collection, we have given our creative designers all the freedom to generate original designs in a limited edition.

Our exclusive printing technology make our visuals more realistic than ever before!

Interior decoration from the ground up...

The floor is an essential part of the interior decorating.

Whilst the design is fundamental, it also has to cope with all sorts of physical and mechanical constraints.

We expect it not only to be aesthetically pleasing, but also robust and hard-wearing.
With Skyline Beauflor® has created a unique range for you, ideal for those heavy use areas, with elegant and original XXL designs.

Our exclusive printing technology means our designs featured on heavy duty vinyl flooring are more realistic than ever before!

Cutting-edge designs

Come on in and discover our exclusive designer collection.

Olympus boasts sophisticated colors and details previously unheard of in vinyl flooring. We manufacture Olympus floors with advanced digital printing technology - because like a wide horizon, its possibilities are endless.

With Olympus, Beauflor® has created a unique range for you, ideal for those heavy use areas, with elegant and original XXL designs.


Even better!

Large format digital printing means that you can personalize your floor.

With digital printing you finally have the freedom to think outside the standard offer.

The floor becomes the basis for your creative expression.

We are only limited by your imagination.