We care for the environment

At Beauflor®, we value the environment in which we do business and the carbon footprint we leave behind.

We aim to reduce, reuse and recycle at every point of operation. Therefore Beauflor® has made a measured and conscious decision to only produce vinyl sheet products that pose no unreasonable risk to human health nor the environment.

All our vinyl sheet products are produced without plasticisers that contain significant impurities of orthophthalic acid/anhydride derived molecules (also known as phthalates). This means that we only use other non-phtalate plasticisers, such as DOTP.

Our products are made from certified raw materials from trustworthy vendors throughout the world and therefore we guarantee a 100% orthophthalate-free flooring worldwide.
Beauflor® has committed itself to changing the manufacturing process on its sites and can proudly announce that the production process only uses non-orthophthalate formulations.