The greatest choice!

Where do we start?

Whether you are looking for a rustic design or a contemporary interior, Beauflor has you covered. We offer herringbone and fishbone patterns, extra long 'planks' for a swanky loft, classic wood finishes and shades as well as cool slate tiles or designs with cement and concrete effects. All of them come in a great variety of colors. Don’t worry about the size or shape of your room. Our vinyl flooring is available in four widths (two to five meters) with a choice of thickness and finish. Check out one of our three ranges.

TEX - The luxury choice. Warm, soft and silent; all you can dream of in a high-quality vinyl floor. Tex is particularly suitable for loose lay in large rooms.

POWER - Thanks to its extra matte lacquer, Power surfaces are extra resilient, shrugging off scuffs and stains. More than a match for everyday use.

COMFORT - The ideal solution when you don’t want to make a choice between comfort, durability and low cost.