Visualise Your Room with our VR Design Tool!

Would you like a new vinyl floor for your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, home office or hallway? No problem!
With our room visualiser tool you can select a sample room and experiment with how our different vinyl floors would look.



How to use the Room Visualizer

Step 1:

Choose your room type in the gallery OR upload a picture of your own room

Step 2:

Select your favourite flooring design. You can filter by style: wood, tiles,uni... 

Step 3:

Let your imagination and creativity go free, by trying different styles in your room. 

Step 4:

Share your favorite design with your partner, or download it to your own device
to have a look at it later, or to easily take it to your nearest stockist. 

Step 5: 

Enjoy the floor you always wanted!


Professional users can choose an appropriate setting such as a restaurant, retail or public space.The room visualiser tool allows you to view our products in a predefined room scene. You can select your favourite product in the colour and pattern you prefer and see the results instantly!

Better still, you can see how our vinyl floor would look in the actual room by simply taking a picture of it. Photograph the room in your home, upload it to the room visualiser tool and then add your chosen floor covering from the menu, that’s all there’s to it!

Now, you can easily browse through our stock of vinyl floors and see which product looks best in your actual kitchen, bedroom or bathroom. Play around with the colours and patterns of your choice.

It’s so much fun! A great way to bring out the designer in you.