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It's the first impression that lasts!

Have you been looking for the perfect flooring solution for your entrance or hallway? Vinyl roll flooring is becoming increasingly popular due to its many benefits. Not only does it provide a water resistant surface, but it also requires very little maintenance and can be easily installed with minimal effort. Additionally, vinyl flooring comes in a variety of designs and colors that will suit any home's decor. Furthermore, vinyl roll flooring provides excellent slip resistance and durability, making it an ideal choice for busy households with children and pets. In this blog post we'll discuss the various advantages of installing vinyl roll flooring in your entrance or hallway.

water resistant

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Easy maintenance

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Easy installation

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Many design options

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Take a look at our roomshots below and get inspired by our many flooring options.

Come on in, keep your shoes on with water resistant flooring

Cushion vinyl is an excellent choice for homeowners looking to install a water-resistant flooring solution in their entrance or hallway. This type of vinyl flooring offers superior protection from moisture and spills, as it has a special surface coating that helps repel liquids and other contaminants. On top of that, the fact that vinyl rolls are seamless, makes sure there is no way of water sipping through the cracks.

Let your floor collect dirt without worries and clean it in minutes

The water resistant properties of vinyl roll flooring make it an ideal choice for entrance and hallway flooring, especially if you have children or pets in the house. Unlike other types of flooring that could be damaged by accidental spills and messes, the protective surface coating on cushion vinyl helps to repel liquids, dirt, and other contaminants. And when your floor does get dirty, all you need is a sweep with a wet mop and standard cleaning products to clean it again.

Easy to install, even when you didn't plan it in

Vinyl roll flooring is an excellent choice for those looking to quickly and easily install a new floor in their entrance or hallway. With a few tools, you'll unroll, fit and place your floor in no time. Vinyl roll flooring can be installed on top of existing surfaces such as wood, concrete or tile with minimal effort required. So if you're not happy with the way your entrance or hallway looks, the solution is only one roll away.

So many designs that fit your vision

A home renovator has a vision of how they want their home to look. Sadly, flooring options can be limited and force you to make concessions. At Beauflor, we want to serve your creativity as much as possible, that's why we have a broad range of designs that fit any style. In doubt? Go check out our products!

Tough for every moment of the day

Your entrance hall endures a lot every day. Dirty shoes, dirty paws, dirty... bike wheels? So you want a floor that is tough and doesn't crack under pressure. Our vinyl roll floors are not only easy to clean, with their protective pvc wearlayer, they can handle general domestic use like the best.

And with our innovative slip retardant enhancement, the wildest among us can barge in without you having to fear an accidental fall.

Vinyl roll flooring is an ideal choice for entrance or hallway flooring due to its many benefits. It provides a water resistant surface, requires minimal maintenance and can be easily installed with just a few tools. Vinyl rolls come in a variety of designs and colors that will suit any home's decor, as well as providing excellent slip resistance and durability. When considering your next renovation project, consider vinyl roll flooring for the perfect combination of style and practicality!