Why you will love vinyl rolls

Our beautiful and seamless cushion vinyl rolls are the way to go if you’re looking for easy installation, great value for money and a waterproof flooring solution. With widths varying from 2 to 5 meters, we are proud to offer the market's pre-eminent, accessible flooring solution. Discover what more advantages our cushion vinyl rolls have to offer.

The benefits

Unroll it and it's done

Laying our vinyl floors is child’s play* because we have designed them to make your life easier. Supple, and available in a variety of widths (up to 5 meters), you can cut them with a simple utility knife. This practical characteristic is very much appreciated when you want to change the design of your home. You can glue or loose-lay our floors as you choose, and your floor will end up looking awesome anyway.

*check the installation guidelines

Low maintenance

Our cushion vinyl rolls are very low maintenance. Thanks to an optional protective polyurethane lacquer, the floor is easy to clean and it is protected against daily wear and tear.

Seamless flooring

Beauflor® is the only company in the world to offer cushion vinyl rolls in 5 meter width, allowing you to easily install your flooring without any joints to achieve the perfect finish your home deserves.

Cost saving

Cushion vinyl rolls are a budget-friendly flooring solution that allow you to create the stylish interior you deserve.

Super-silent floors

Whether you like wearing heels or feel like having a lazy day in slippers, our cushion vinyl absorbs the noise of footfalls very well. In fact, it is 50% more silent than comparable flooring technologies.

100% water resistant top layer

Looking for a floor that can withstand wet shoes, dirty shoes or paws? Or do your kids sometimes turn your bathroom into a swimming pool? Then our cushion vinyl rolls with a 100% water resistant top layer are just what you need

Comfortable and warm touch

Cushion vinyl floors are soft and warm to the touch, which makes them the ideal floor to walk on barefoot. Moreover, they conduct heat easily which means that they work well with underfloor heating.


Cushion vinyl floors are protected by a hard pvc wear layer. Vinyl's resistance to staining and general domestic use is one of its key benefits.

Any design you want, anywhere in your home

Our cushion vinyl rolls are ideal for any room - they come in two, three, four or even five-meter widths.

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Made in Europe

Manufacturing eco-friendly products has always been a significant part of Beauflor®'s ethical approach, which is why we have chosen to manufacture our products in Europe

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We care about the environment

At Beauflor®, we value the environment, which means we care about carbon footprint we leave behind. In addition, we use no animal products whatsoever in our floors.

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The greatest choice

Whether you are looking for a rustic design or a contemporary styled interior, our floors could be the answer to your dreams.

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