Working at Beauflor

Innovate, Grow and Shape Sustainable Living with Us

At Beauflor, a proud member of the Beaulieu International Group, we are more than just a flooring manufacturer. Our constant striving to innovate and grow sustainably helps us build a brighter future for our employees. In Wielsbeke, you’ll be welcomed in a working environment that sees you as more than an employee. Here, we are fans of who you are and what you do, supporting you in getting the most out of your job.

Innovate from within

At Beauflor, innovation isn't just a buzzword – it's a way of life. We believe in empowering our team members to think like intrapreneurs, offering the freedom to explore new ideas and the support to bring them to life. Our culture thrives on creativity and initiative, encouraging every individual to contribute to our continuous evolution.

Family-owned world player

Being part of the Beaulieu International Group isn't just about being part of a successful business – it's about stability and growth. As a family-owned entity, we understand the importance of a solid foundation, ensuring that our endeavors are sustainable and forward-thinking. This stability translates into a reassuring and nurturing work environment for all our employees.

Shaping a sustainable future, together

Sustainability is evermore at the core of everything we do at Beauflor. Our bold ambitions, encapsulated in our Route 2030 campaign, are matched by even bolder actions to create eco-friendly living spaces. And we believe that every single person that touches our organization plays a pivotal role in this vital mission, making a tangible impact on the environment and society.

Investing in you

At Beauflor and B.I.G., we're fans of who you are. We're committed to investing in our people, helping you reach your full potential through continuous learning, professional development, and a supportive work culture. Here, every achievement is recognized, and every milestone celebrated.

Join us at Beauflor in Wielsbeke and be a part of something bigger. It's not just a job – it's a journey towards a sustainable, innovative future where your contribution makes a real difference. Explore our current openings and embark on a fulfilling career path where you can truly shine!