Lift your Project to a higher level with Beauflor PRO

Unlock the potential of every commercial project with the Beauflor Pro Range, where innovation meets sustainability. Our Pro Range is crafted for those who demand excellence in contract and commercial flooring. With 15 specialized ranges powered by 100% clean energy, we bring you an eco-friendly solution that doesn’t compromise on style or performance.


Designed for Excellence

The Beauflor Pro Range encapsulates a world of flooring possibilities designed to cater to the unique needs of various commercial spaces. From education to hospitality and public spaces, each of the 15 ranges in our collection offers specific performance characteristics, ensuring your project's success.


Sustainability Meets Performance

Proudly produced with 100% clean energy, our Pro Range stands at the intersection of environmental responsibility and superior quality. This commitment to sustainability and excellence means you can create spaces that are not only beautiful but also beneficial for the planet.

A Collection for Every Need

Xtreme Lux

Introducing Xtreme Lux: a cutting-edge collection of digitally printed luxury flooring options tailored for discerning public spaces craving an extra touch of sophistication. From hotel lobbies to office spaces, Xtreme Lux delivers unparalleled elegance and style. Featuring an array of exquisite design options, Xtreme Lux offers extra-long oak planks for a sense of grandeur, natural finishes for a touch of organic beauty, and modern concrete and ceppo designs for a sleek, contemporary look.


Designed to create quieter and more comfortable living environments, Sonipro is the ideal choice for social housing projects where noise reduction is paramount, offering an impressive impact sound rating of 19dB. Whether it's shared living spaces or individual units, our acoustic vinyl flooring helps minimize noise transfer, providing residents with a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere to call home. But Sonipro isn't limited to social housing alone. Its versatility makes it equally suitable for a range of other settings, including nurseries, small offices, and more.


Engineered for usage class 41, Expoline is built to withstand heavy foot traffic and daily wear and tear, making it perfect for moderate commercial settings. Featuring a diverse range of designs, from classic woods to contemporary allover patterns with chips, the Expoline Collection offers something for every aesthetic preference.

Versatility Across Spaces

The Pro Range's versatility shines across various applications — schools, hotels, public spaces, social housing, retail, and senior living. No matter the challenge, our flooring stands ready to enhance the function and aesthetics of any space.

Beauflor's Pro Range redefines what's possible in commercial flooring. With a dedication to performance, sustainability, and design, we offer solutions that meet the demands of today's contract flooring companies and their diverse projects. Choose Beauflor Pro for a flooring experience that transcends expectations.