Social Housing

Floors for social and affordable housing

The need for quality social housing is rising year-by-year all around the world. And with rising construction costs, contractors are looking at affordable solutions that offer quality to future residents. That’s where vinyl flooring comes into play, offering a combination of affordability, flexibility, durability and easy maintenance.

Why sheet vinyl flooring makes a good choice

The need to deliver a supportive, good quality interior at a low cost presents difficulties in the selection of flooring. Speed of installation, homely design, easy maintenance and durability all at a low cost, is not something every floor can deliver. That’s why our sheet vinyl flooring makes a good choice.

Beauflor sheet vinyl flooring offers an attractive finish across a wide range of popular natural looks with benefits for the developer and tenant alike. For the housing association, it’s cost-effective, fast to install and durable helping to deliver value throughout its life cycle. Tenants benefit from a homely and comfortable floor that’s hygienic, easy to maintain, safe to walk on and which has the potential to support their feeling of wellbeing.

Cost-effective and fast to install

In many domestic rooms our floors can even be laid without glue, cutting down on material costs and time.

The benefits of fast installation are made even more apparent in floors that feature a textile backing, such as our Resitex Collection. These can be installed loose lay in areas up to 35m2 over a range of substrates, including tile and timber floors. This capability also makes them a good choice for refurbishment.

Durable and easy to maintain

The construction of our vinyl floors makes them durable, with the thickness of wear layer determining the longevity of the floor in use. For example, our most hardwearing floor Xtreme, is still cost-effective but has a Class 34 rating, making it suitable for heavy commercial use. Our collections suitable for social housing also feature a Premium Coating low maintenance finish. it extends the durability of the floor and helps to ensure a longer life before replacement. For the tenant, the floor is easy to clean using water and mild detergent.

Stylish and comfortable

Creating a home-like feel for any tenant is paramount in the selection of flooring for social housing and our collections provide a wide range of familiar, natural and home-like looks. From wood designs for social and living spaces, including popular herringbone patterns, to contemporary stone and concrete for bathrooms; we can provide a look that helps tenants feel at home which has a positive impact on emotional wellbeing.

The multi-layer composition of sheet vinyl also allows us to modify the floor to improve other comfort factors. Underfoot comfort, acoustics and thermal performance can all be improved with your specification of Beauflor vinyl flooring. In fact, our specialist acoustic solutions, like Sonipro, can provide up to 19dB of impact sound reduction, making them an excellent choice for multi-occupancy housing projects. With excessive noise leading to increased stress levels, our acoustic sheet vinyl floors are another way to support mental wellbeing.

Safe and hygienic

The low slip nature of our sheet vinyl floors creates a safer environment for tenants. This is particularly important where reduced mobility needs to be considered. Our floors provide a surer feeling underfoot, while also allowing the easy passage of wheelchairs thanks to a smooth finish. We offer R11 finishes suitable for domestic and public use. As well as being easy to clean, many of our collections are equipped with an anti-bacterial and anti-mould treatment that makes them more hygienic.

Discover our Social Housing Collections

Beauflor-Vinyl rolls-Golden Oak-036M


Anti-bacterial qualities, high slip-resistance and excellent resilience, expoline is perfect for high-traffic home areas.
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Beauflor-Vinyl rolls-Tweed-629M


Known for its excellent acoustic qualities thanks to its resilient backing layer and with anti-bacterial biocides, sonipro is made for comfort.
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Beauflor-Vinyl rolls-Lannion-669M


Made for underfloor heating with great slip-resistance and comfort underfoot, this range will offer you the quality you need at home.
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Beauflor-Vinyl rolls-Havanna Oak-662M


With a premium coating, great comfort and slip-resistance, Polaris is part of Ultra, the highest range of our Home collection.
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Belgian made quality and sustainability

All our vinyl (polyvinyl chloride) floors are made in Belgium using a REACH compliant supply chain to ensure a floor free from hazardous substances, including harmful ortho-phthalates. Moreover, the PVC we use in our floors consists of 57% chlorine, derived from common salt, and requires limited energy use to make, particularly in comparison to certain floor materials, such as ceramic tiles.

We have also implemented a range of fossil fuel reductions and savings in our energy use, including the installation of solar panels, the switch to LED lighting and heat recovery processing. Production waste is also recycled into other products (we aim to recycle 100% by 2024) and efficiency improvements have driven down waste by 33%. You can find out more about our sustainable actions in Sustainability at Beauflor.

You can also assess the impact of our vinyl floors for social housing with our available EPD certificates.

Speak to our team

Our dedicated team can help you to develop a sheet vinyl flooring specification for your social housing. They will work with you to identify the flooring needs and develop a specification of Beauflor sheet vinyl floors to provide a cost-effective and durable solution that plays its part in a safe, good quality home.