Beauflor Residential Vinyl Flooring

The greatest choice!

At Beauflor® we believe that beautiful flooring is always at the heart of the home. Indeed, a perfect blend of textures and tones can bring to life an entire house.

Our design teams have thoroughly researched the world’s current trends and styles in indoor architecture, decoration and fashion to create our 2022 collections. We have something for everyone. 

In addition, we offer several performance levels among our flooring range, from neat and easy vinyl rolls that breathe some life into rooms that are not often used, up to sturdy and resilient rolls that can take on heavy-duty foot traffic.

Check out one of our three ranges:

ULTRA - Style, beauty and strength to your interior in any area you choose.

OPTIMA - Stunning wood & stone designs with a level of realism rarely seen.

PRIMA - Beautiful collections of wood and tile designs with authentic detailing.


The choice is yours!