Bathroom vinyl flooring

Warm, slip resistant and easy to clean

Is there a more sacred room than a bathroom? It's a place to really take care of yourself, to give a boost to your skin, hair and teeth. A place to find your calm. And every part of your bathroom needs to help you to get this done. Vinyl for your bathroom is the flooring type that can suit your needs. Here's why:

Water resistant

Few floors have better water resistance than vinyl. That's why a vinyl floor in your bathroom can be one of the best flooring solutions on the market, although most people forget about it when deciding on what type of floor to lay. The main reason why vinyl is water resistant, is because it's primarily composed out of PVC (Polyvinylchloride). But, not all vinyl is created equal: while vinyl tiles or planks click into each other and have seams, vinyl rolls can be installed seamless. You won't find many bathrooms that are wider than 5 meter, so the unique Beauflor vinyl rolls can seamlessly fit almost every bathroom.

Non slip

We've established that you don't have to worry about water spills staining your floor or wearing it down in the long term. But stepping out of your bath or shower, you might still want to place a bath rug to avoid slipping on the floor, right? Actually, no. The resin coated and textured surface of vinyl flooring not only helps to protect the floor, but also to protect you by making it anti-slip. The nature of vinyl gives your floor a rubbery feel, which helps to prevent falling.


But don't we need a rug to keep our feet warm when we are brushing our teeth? Again, vinyl flooring removes the necessity for this. Thanks to the different layers, vinyl is warmer to the touch than wood or laminate flooring and definitely warmer than ceramic tiles. With a good underlay, vinyl will always offer the softest and warmest feeling possible in a bathroom.

No shrinking or expanding

The bathroom is a so-called 'wet space' where the temperature varies a lot. Your house reacts to varying temperatures by shrinking and expanding a little bit. This happens in your walls and ceilings, but also in your floor. Concrete and wood are well-known for being 'living' flooring materials, that use expansion gaps to give itself breathing space. In comparison to traditional flooring types like parquet and laminate, cushioned vinyl flooring is much better at keeping its form when faced with moisture and heat.

Unlimited options

Ok, you're convinced to make your bathroom floor a vinyl floor, but you absolutely love the look of wood flooring. Not a problem! Our cushioned vinyl flooring gives you unlimited options in design. Tile effect, wood effect, concrete look, checkered look, ... name it and we've probably done it.


Vinyl gets a bad reputation because people associate it with the lower quality synthetic flooring of the past. The quality of vinyl flooring, definitely cushioned vinyl flooring, has improved dramatically over the past decades. If installed correctly, vinyl flooring can endure a lot of wear-and-tear, making it as durable as laminate and carpet. Add to that the protective layer against wear-and-tear and you'll have a floor that keeps looking fresh for a very long time.

Easy installation

Installing vinyl floors is child’s play because we have designed them to make your life easier. Supple, and available in a variety of widths (up to 5 meters), you can cut them with a simple utility knife. This practical characteristic is very much appreciated when you want to change the design of your home. You can glue or loose-lay our floors depending on the space and type of underlay, and your floor will end up looking awesome anyway.

Easy to clean

Stains from soap or other personal care products are easy to clean on vinyl flooring. You don't have to be afraid about damaging your floor, you are protected while staining and cleaning. This is one of the main reasons people choose vinyl flooring in high-traffic areas.

Very affordable

If you've read this page all the way through, you will know that cushioned vinyl flooring delivers all the necessary features for a bathroom floor and does that at a fraction of the cost from other floors. Now the time has come to get inspired by all the available options and find a retailer to buy your Beauflor Cushioned Vinyl floor.