Bedroom vinyl flooring

Comfort where you need it most

The beginning and end of a good day lies in the bedroom. No wonder people go through a lot of trouble to shape this room into a calming and cozy environment. And whether it's a child's bedroom that doubles as a playing room or your master bedroom, you want a floor that embraces you and makes you feel warm every time you touch it. That is what vinyl flooring can do for you.

Cleaned in 5 minutes 

A perfect bedroom features a bed that is always made and a floor that is always clean, without any clothes on it. Why? Because you need to be in the right state of mind to drift off to sleep.The last thing you want is a floor that you have to vacuum at 10pm because you're frustrated by the amount of dust between the cracks. Well, with vinyl flooring for your bedroom, you're good to go. Any type of cleaning works, even a quick duster will do the trick. No fear of getting stuck in cracks or splinters, no fear of using the wrong product. Just go with what you're comfortable with, because being comfortable is what you want in your bedroom.

Fast installation you can do yourself

Some people want a professional to install their flooring, some people like to do it themselves. And some people are in doubt. Well, vinyl flooring gives you any option you want. It’s not just installed in one phase, it’s also easy to do. So whether you choose an installer or do it yourself, with our easy installation guide, you’ll be enjoying your new room in no time!

A floor for the ages

The bedroom isn't necessarily a high-traffic area. However, that doesn't change the fact that you want to put a closet and a bed on your vinyl floor and maybe rearrange some things from time to time.
Well, your floor will last longer than your furniture (or at least longer than your taste in furniture) and as long as you handle that furniture with care, you won't scratch your floor while moving it.
The luxury vinyl flooring rolls that are on the market today all have a protective wear layer that protects your floor from scratches.

A floor that protects your wallet

A general rule of thumb in flooring is that harder materials cost more. Hardwood flooring is by far the most expensive option on the market and because of the rising costs of wood, that price won't go down. That is why flooring manufacturers have been providing alternatives for a long time. Some flooring options, like laminate, aim to emulate parquet at a lower cost. Vinyl rolls however, aim to be a budget-friendly alternative without giving in on quality. Vinyl is the choice for bedroom floors, because it gives you whatever you need at the best price.

No seams, no leaks

With Beauflor vinyl rolls going up to 5 meters in width, you get a flooring choice that is practically seamless in every room. That means no chances for any type of fluid to stain your bedroom floor. Feel free to take your calming chamomile tea to bed with you!

Natural look

If you look at your bedroom through the eyes of a designer, everything in there should be an ensemble. Your bed, closet, nightstand, carpet, curtains, decoration and of course your floor should fit together and give you peace of mind . Luckily, the options with vinyl flooring rolls are so wide, you will always find a design that fits your idea. And that’s not all; vinyl is the perfect imitator. Whether you’re going for a wood look or ceramic tiles, vinyl offers the design without disadvantages or a high cost.

A floor that loves your feet

Getting out of bed in the morning can be a chore, definitely in winter time. Well, luckily, vinyl flooring offers great underfoot comfort. The soft, slightly bouncing material will embrace you, whether you're wearing slippers or not. In the evening, a vinyl floor is your friend as well. Contrary to other types of flooring, vinyl absorbs sound excellently. And that means: no worries about waking up anyone when you are still walking around late at night.

Ready to go vinyl?

So, can you put vinyl flooring in a bedroom? Yes, you can! All of the quality you need, with an attractive pricing on top. Vinyl flooring will give you a good night's rest.
Want to find out more about your next floor? Go to our room visualizer to see how a vinyl floor would look in your house.