Home office vinyl flooring

Designs that get work done

Are you looking to upgrade your home office? Choose vinyl flooring for a superior combination of warm, softness and ease of maintenance. Not only is vinyl easy to install and surprisingly affordable, but it also comes in a variety of colors and styles that can fit any design aesthetic. As a bonus, it's spill-proof and slip resistant – so no worrying about accidents while simultaneously transitioning the look of your workspace! Make working from home an even greater pleasure with quality vinyl flooring made to last.

No shoes needed with a warm and soft floor

Imagine no longer needing to wear shoes indoors, thanks to warm, soft flooring that not only pampers your feet but also brings a true sense of comfort to your living space. As you step onto the welcoming surface, your toes instantly sink into its plush texture, bringing a sigh of relief and pure indulgence.

With cushion vinyl, you get the best flooring for your home office. Gone are the days of chilly floors interrupting a peaceful morning, or the need to constantly search for slippers to protect your feet. It's OK to ask your floor to elevate your homeworking experience and create an inviting atmosphere for you to work in. The joy of unencumbered footsteps awaits you.


Fear of falling? Not with our slip-resistant vinyl floor 

There is nothing worse than taking your laptop and morning coffee into your home office, only to slip and spill your drink on the floor. That's why you need floors that are slip-resistant, just like our range of vinyl flooring rolls. Thanks to our innovative slip retardant enhancement and anti-slip coating, you can enjoy peace of mind when walking around your home office in those comfy socks you'd never show on a Zoom call.


Enjoy an easy installation and even easier cleaning

Having a warm and inviting home office is now easier than ever with vinyl flooring. This type of flooring offers the convenience of quick, DIY installation, plus remarkably low maintenance.
You never have to worry about spills since the vinyl is designed to be spill-safe – and you get to choose the way you clean your floor; mop, broom, vacuum cleaner. It all works! Interested in our easy installation process? Check out our page on how to lay vinyl flooring.


Get comfort for your money

Investing in comfort is always a wise choice, as it directly contributes to your overall well-being, productivity, and happiness. By choosing products and experiences that prioritize comfort, you are not only making a claim for your hard-earned money's worth, but also taking care of your mental and physical health.

Choosing a floor that fits your room and your lifestyle, ensures you that every penny spent makes you happier in the end. And with Beauflor vinyl flooring rolls, you can be assured that you will find the most comfort for your money and get the floor you deserve!


Enjoy the widest design range in the market

Step into a world where creativity knows no bounds, where imagination mingles with reality, and where individuality is celebrated with open arms! The widest design range in the market is here to captivate your senses, take your breath away, and inspire you in ways you never thought possible.

With countless patterns, textures, and colors so vibrant that they could put the most dazzling rainbows to shame, you'll find yourself spoilt for choice. Delight in the endless possibilities as each unique design transports you to a different realm, be it a land filled with lush, abstract artistry, or a kaleidoscope of geometric elegance.
No matter your tastes, these spectacular creations cater to everyone, infusing every space with an irresistible charm that's uniquely yours. So go ahead, ignite your inner designer and let the magic of boundless creativity take you on an unforgettable journey.

No downsides? Well, maybe one...
We don't just want to sell a one-sided story about our vinyl floors. Cushion vinyl is very well equipped for commercial use, like high traffic areas and offices. However, it is not unbreakable and can be harmed by continually using office chairs on it. It is important to be aware and maybe think about a protective mat to place underneath your swivel chair, just like you would with parquet or laminate floors.

Vinyl flooring for a home office is an excellent choice to give your working space the warmth and comfort it deserves. With its soft touch, installation ease, and designer options, you'll be able to find something with all the features you want without breaking the bank.

Its spill-safe and slip resistant surface ensures that you don't have to worry about potential safety accidents either. Plus, having flooring that loves you with or without shoes makes it even better! Now is the ideal time to discover our products and find the right dealer for your home office flooring.