Living room vinyl flooring

The floor that invites you to make memories together

Is there a room in your house that is more important than the living room? It's the place where you come to unwind after a long day at work. It's where your kids play, the space to invite people for a drink or dinner. When choosing a floor for your living room, you want to pick a look that compliments your interior, a floor that can endure the daily wear-and-tear and a floor you can clean in no time. Here's why you will love vinyl flooring for your living room.

Take a look at our roomshots below and get inspired by our many flooring options.

It's easy to clean

Your living room should be a place where you come to rest, a place that becomes vibrant when shared with others, but calm when spending time alone. Scrubbing your floor after a party or being scared your hardwood floor will get stained is not how you remain calm. You can use virtually any product to clean your vinyl floor and it's so easy to do. Vacuum cleaner, a damp cloth, mopping or just using a broom, it all works how it should.

A floor that lasts under any condition

As you can read in our comparison between lino and vinyl, the flooring from 40 years ago is far away from the flooring of today. Contemporary vinyl flooring is durable, scratch resistant and water resistant, and simply looks stunning in its design variations! What's the difference maker? Well, the protective wear layer makes sure your floor always looks fresh, even when it's being subjected to shoes, paws and toys flying around. We know your living room is a high traffic area, so choosing a durable floor is a must.

A floor for every style of living room

When choosing a floor, your type of floor usually determines the final look your room will have. Ceramic tiles, real wood floors, laminate floors or carpet flooring all come with limited style options. With luxury vinyl rolls, your options are basically unlimited. You can choose between a huge range of designs that can imitate any floor you want (or you can choose a unique design to really make your floor pop).

A floor of choice for the renovator

Houses are expensive. Renovating a house is also expensive. And paying someone to renovate your house for you is very expensive. We understand this and want to bring an option to the market that has great value, without losing quality. Vinyl rolls are a lot more affordable than parquet or laminate and - if you're somewhat of a DIY-er - you can even lay your flooring yourself without too much hassle. So if you're checking out floors with great value for money, choose cushion vinyl.

Comfortable for your feet

"Should I take my shoes off?" Yes, of course you should. Not because we're scared you'll leave stains, but because you need to feel how comfortable vinyl flooring is. The cool thing about cushion flooring for living rooms is that they feel much warmer and softer than other flooring types like ceramic or laminate. You can rest assured; your kids will enjoy themselves playing on a vinyl floor. Add to that the anti-slippery, anti-static and anti-bacterial qualities of vinyl, this floor is perfect for you.

Ready to go vinyl?

So, is vinyl flooring suitable for a living room? Of course it is! It will give you the quality you need at a price you'll love. Just like the fabric itself, a vinyl floor will bend to fit your preferences of living. Convinced by our arguments and our living room vinyl flooring ideas and inspiration photos? Try out different designs in our room visualizer to see how a vinyl floor would look in your own house.